With its First collection,'Nonpareil',Label Aparna has launched itself in the world of glamour,Design and Art.With breathable fabrics,safe and edgy silhouettes and a heartfelt color palette,our attempt is to bring the blend of Art and glamour in your closet.

Nonpareil means incomparable,which is exactly the inspiration behind this collection.No one can be or should be compared to anyone.God being the greatest artist has crafted each one of is creations with so much uniqueness that wanting to be like someone else can never be justified being right.As an individual it is the need of the hour that we accept the individuality within ourselves as it is.

While discovering the depth and radiance of the colors we found our graduating color pallette. From white glow to deep gray,crimson red to pale each color has its own liberating story.Our collection Resort 19 has something for each woman out there.Because no one is similar and we are all uniquely precious.