Anti-pollution facial oil

Product description:Pollution giving you a hard time? Worry not. Our organic Anti-Pollution Facial O..

₹3,068 Ex Tax: ₹3,068

Beeswax LipBalm

Product description:100% natural and organic, our beeswax lip balm takes care of your lips even in t..

₹637 Ex Tax: ₹637

Charcoal & Pine Tar Soap

Product description:Activated Charcoal does wonders to deeply cleanse and detoxify. Drawing impuriti..

₹529 Ex Tax: ₹529

Cool breeze body oil

Product description:A refreshing, cooling body oil that soothes muscle aches and stimulates circulat..

₹2,240 Ex Tax: ₹2,240

Footcare set

Product description:Exfoliate rough, dry feet with our Mongolian stone salt foot scrub and follow wi..

₹1,829 Ex Tax: ₹1,829

Goat's milk soap

Product description:A daily moisturizing soap rich in vitamins and minerals that is suitable for com..

₹499 Ex Tax: ₹499

Hand Care Set

Product description:A treat for the hands: Gentle scrub that sloughs off dry skin and nourishing han..

₹1,829 Ex Tax: ₹1,829

Honey and Oatmeal Soap

Product description:A gentle natural exfoliating soap crafted with honey and oatmeal to calm skin in..

₹529 Ex Tax: ₹529

Horse oil facial soap

Product description:First ever Soap Bar for your Face! Horse oil has the most similar structure to h..

₹499 Ex Tax: ₹499

Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum

Product description:As we age, our skin's moisture can drop significantly, which makes the skin lose..

₹5,168 Ex Tax: ₹5,168

Nettle Soap

Product description:Nettle soap is suitable for allergy-prone skin with eczema, acne, and psoriasis...

₹529 Ex Tax: ₹529

Rose Hip Facial Oil

Product description:Rosehip, also called the King of Fruits, is full of Antioxidants and essential f..

₹2,358 Ex Tax: ₹2,358

Sea buckthorn body butter

Product description:A multipurpose balm that soothes eczema, heals burns and wounds, deeply nourishe..

₹1,532 Ex Tax: ₹1,532

Sea buckthorn Oil Lip Balm

Product description:Helps to moisturize and protect dry lips Rich in vitamins and essential fatty ac..

₹637 Ex Tax: ₹637

Soap collection box

Product description:Can’t decide which soap to choose? Try our soap collection box to see which one ..

₹1,178 Ex Tax: ₹1,178

Travel Butter set

Product description:Keep your skin calm and moisturized on-the-go. Perfect for the whole family.This..

₹2,359 Ex Tax: ₹2,359

Yak's milk soap

Product description:Incredibly soothing and nourishing soap for sensitive/dry skinFor normal to dry ..

₹499 Ex Tax: ₹499

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