Etre is inspired by the French verb which is a predicate describing any and all states of being. Other than fashion and thread, we resonate with constant change in human outlook. We see that it is human to be different every single day, and we empower to accept those differences as a part of ourselves.

Recognizing that style is personal, we try enhancing self expression via our clothes, crafting thoughtful pieces that communicate to a global audience but are relevant to your state of being.

At être, we know how hard it is to find the right outfit for the right occasion. We believe that clothes should work for you and your unique style. Real life requires versatile clothing for your perfect and not-so-perfect moments.

Designed and made with love in India because we care about who makes our clothes as much as who we make them for.


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Aster - Button Down Jumpsuit

₹8,100 Ex Tax: ₹8,100

Axle Zipper Bodycon

₹6,800 Ex Tax: ₹6,800

Basil Cutout Fitter

₹3,800 Ex Tax: ₹3,800

Becca Pleated Bottom Maxi

₹10,800 Ex Tax: ₹10,800

Brooke Back Cross Maxi

₹8,900 Ex Tax: ₹8,900

Coral Colorblock Embellished Maxi

₹9,800 Ex Tax: ₹9,800

Dawn Asymetric Stirrup Top

₹4,600 Ex Tax: ₹4,600

Elsie Strappy Back Embroidered Maxi

₹9,800 Ex Tax: ₹9,800

Erica Slit Sleeve Maxi

₹9,800 Ex Tax: ₹9,800

Helen Falling Sleeves Mesh Maxi

₹9,400 Ex Tax: ₹9,400

Iris Ruffle bottom bardot maxi

₹10,530 Ex Tax: ₹10,530

Kate Trench Dress

₹6,100 Ex Tax: ₹6,100

Kylie Cutout Detail Bodycon

₹5,200 Ex Tax: ₹5,200

Maple Hi Low Tube Skater

₹5,800 Ex Tax: ₹5,800

Nikki Embellished Maxi Top

₹4,850 Ex Tax: ₹4,850

Nikki Embellished Maxi Top

₹4,850 Ex Tax: ₹4,850

Reese Volume sleeve Top

₹4,750 Ex Tax: ₹4,750

Ruby Shoulder Embellished Top

₹4,500 Ex Tax: ₹4,500

Sophie Falilng Sleeves Embellished Jumpsuit

₹11,180 Ex Tax: ₹11,180

Tess Volume Sleeve Playsuit

₹7,800 Ex Tax: ₹7,800

Xena Falling Sleeve Coordinate

₹7,100 Ex Tax: ₹7,100

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