About Us

Nikita Vij was exposed to international culture and fashion at a young age. She has always had an eye for style. She is an International Business Graduate from Brunel University, and also holds a Masters in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management from the world-renowned Instituto Marangoni in London. Nikita emerged voracious to take her interest in fashion and luxury, blending her creative skills with a sharp business acumen.

Her journey started at a young age with a unique endeavour called Rita Rose Rug—a label that fused high-end interiors and bespoke designs. Nikita’s proficiency in applying her unique personal style to textiles gave birth to exclusive creations in the world of luxury rugs. She put her imagination in gear and showcased her drive to experiment, creating the unconventional and making a big impact.

She went on to put her dynamic business competence in action at a leading fashion and accessories company in Dubai. Here, she effortlessly executed her role as a brand manager while multitasking at an Indian textile manufacturing and export giant, Harisons and Harlaj Ltd. With all of this fuelling her passion, she was eager to create something where she found her groove. Following as she always has, the beat of her own drum both commercially and creatively, she conceived the idea of La Sosta.

From her experience as a luxury buyer, she already was aware of the obstacles of curating premium, unique and original looks from Indian and international designers. Nikita’s mission was to create a space which designers would feel inspired to fill. La Sosta was incepted to start a revolution in western fashion by Indian designers. But it was also created to showcase what Nikita thought was strong and beautiful through unforgettable online shopping experiences. La Sosta is an extension of Nikita’s persona. She sought to provide ready to wear pieces of clothing and accessories as well as home décor items and leather goods in a one-stop-shop format. She treads ahead with this unique venture with the dream to have a cult following for a space where unique fashion masterpieces can be found.