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How Far Down Should A Design Be On A Shirt? (Solution)

On the back of shirts, designs put between the left and right seams should be approximately 5″ from the collar and centered between the left and right seams.

  • It may appear that the pocket decal placement is too close to the center of the shirt, but much farther to the right and the design will begin to creep under the arm a little further. Back designs should be put four inches down from the middle of the neckline, using the center crease as a guide.

How far down should a design be on the front of a shirt?

Using a tape measure, measure 2″ to 3.5″ down from the collar on the front and back of the shirt, depending on the style. Specifically, the design is intended to be printed at the point where the center line of the t-shirt meets the chest line of the shirt. This will ensure that your personalized t-shirts are always placed perfectly every time!

How far down do you put words on a shirt?

The length of the neckline should be 3″ to 3.5″ below the center. This is the point at which the top of your design should be placed. 11″ x 11″ is a nice size for adult 2XL bigger tee shirts in general (up to 12″ – 13″.)

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Where should I place my logo on a shirt?

Since the majority of logos are placed on the left chest of the person, a name or a name patch might be placed on the right side of the people chest. A vertical center line is drawn on the inner edge of the collar to help with alignment of the logo or design on the shirt. The bottom of the logo is usually no lower than the bottom of the placket of the polo shirt, unless otherwise specified.

How Big Should design be on back of shirt?

Full back designs on adult t-shirts typically measure 12 inches wide by 13.5 inches tall, with the largest feasible design reaching 14 inches wide by 17 inches tall. Please consider the clothing’ measurements, as not all will fit into the biggest design sizing.

How big should pocket designs be?

If your shirt contains a pocket that you’d want to customize with a design, keep in mind that most pockets are between 3.5 and 5.5 inches square.

How big should a logo be on the front of a shirt?

When it comes to t-shirts for employees, event personnel, or anything else, the classic and go-to spot for your logo is the back of the neck. The size is appropriate; it’s normally 3″ to 4″ broad and about 3′′ down from the collar when worn. The placement may be adjusted to coincide with the size of the garment, ensuring that it always seems to be correct. 4

How big should a chest logo be on a shirt?

For the most part, a reasonable size for a chest print is between 3 and 4 inches across in width. If you fold the broad end of the piece of paper in half again, you will obtain a 4.25″ space, which will give you an excellent visual representation of how large your 4″ graphic may be.

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What side does the Nike logo go on a shirt?


How big should an image be to print on a shirt?

Full-size printing requires a resolution of at least 200 PPI (pixels per inch). That final sentence is critical. Even if you have something that is 300 pixels per inch (PPI), if it is only 2 inches across and it has to be printed at 12 inches wide, the resolution is still inadequate. Take a closer look at the details.

What size should at shirt design be in Photoshop?

As a general rule of thumb for T-shirt designs, start with 14 inches for the width and 17 for the height when creating a new design (you can always adjust this later). Change your screen resolution to 300 pixels. When it comes to printing a logo, resolution is critical since it will have a big impact on how the logo will seem when it is printed.

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