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How To Crop A Shirt Without It Rolling? (Solution found)

What is the best way to cut a T-shirt for a crop top?

  • The best way to cut a T-shirt for a crop top is to follow these steps.

How do you stop cuts from rolling?

Fill the needle of your sewing machine with thread that matches the thread used for your original hem. Sew your hem into place with a seam allowance that is the same as the initial seam allowance that you calculated. Take your pins out of your hair. Because of the interfacing, your hem will stay in place and will be protected from curling.

How do you crop a shirt without jagged edges?

When cutting your crop top, a rotary cutter is the most effective instrument to utilize. This is a fabric cutter that virtually resembles a pizza cutter in appearance. Because you are not opening and closing a pair of scissors, it greatly reduces the appearance of a jagged edge on your cutting surface. You are just slashing the cloth in a single swift motion.

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