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How To Cut A Small V In At Shirt? (Solution)

Fold your t-shirt in half vertically to ensure that the side seams are aligned and that the V may be cut in a symmetrical manner. Prepare the V-neck by cutting in a straight line from the designated V point to the HSPs using your scissors (high shoulder points). Make sure you just cut through the backside of the t-shirt while cutting.
What is the best way to cut a T-shirt into a V-neck?

  • To make a V-neck out of a t-shirt, start by marking the “V” on the t-shirt using a marker using a V-neck shirt you currently own as a suggestion for where to place the “V.” After you’ve traced the “V,” cut away the threads that were holding the front of the collar in place using sharp scissors.

How do you make a shirt a little bit smaller?

How to Reduce the Size of a T-Shirt

  1. First, wash the shirt in the washing machine on HOT/HOT
  2. second, dry the shirt in the dryer on HIGH HEAT
  3. third, iron the shirt on HIGH HEAT. Step 1: Bring a kettle of boiling water to a boil.
  4. 2. Place the T-shirt in the boiling water and immediately turn off the heat. Step 3: Allow the garment to rest for about 5 minutes.
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