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How To Draw Flannel Shirt?

What can I do with an old flannel shirt that I don’t wear anymore?

  • 4. A flannel shirt with a dip dyed pattern You may refresh your plaid shirt and give it a modern twist even if you don’t want to reuse it and would rather keep it for a little bit longer instead. Take a page out of Moxie’s book and dye an old flannel shirt using food coloring!

How do you transfer a pattern onto fabric?

As long as your fabric is relatively thin, you may transfer the designs directly onto the fabric by utilizing an illuminated surface such as a light box or a window and drawing the lines using a chalk-based marking pencil, a water-soluble transfer pen, or a pencil with a water-soluble ink. In a pinch, an ordinary pencil that has been finely sharpened will suffice.

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