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How To Fold Shirt?

What is the most efficient method of folding a shirt?

  • Folding to the side Fold the t-shirt in half, longways, with the right side facing you. The sleeves should be in a straight line. Fold the sleeves of the t-shirt back towards the collar to complete the look. Fold the hem of the tee shirt all the way down to the bottom of the sleeves and fasten it. Using your fingers, fold the top section of the tee-shirt (including the collar and folded sleeves) down over the hem that has been folded. Remove the clothing off your person.

How do you fold a shirt neatly?

To draw the sleeves in, fold the shirt sideways into thirds and tuck it in. After that, fold the opposite side in the same manner. Before producing this fold, you don’t need to do anything to the short sleeves you’re using. It’s as simple as draping your sleeves over the rest of your shirt. As soon as you finish folding the garment, they will be tucked in nicely within it!

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