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How To Fringe The Bottom Of A Shirt?

What is the best way to fray a shirt?

  • Pinking shears are the first method. In many ways, pinking shears are identical to scissors, with the exception that they feature a serrated edge that forms a zigzag cut along the edge of the cloth. Fabric sealants are the second method. Fabric sealants are transparent plastic solutions that come in a tube and are used to seal the edge of the fabric.
  • Method Three: Fusible Interfacing.

How do you fray the edges of at shirt?

How to Fray a Shirt (with Pictures)

  1. Using a pair of scissors, remove the hems or final edges from the shirt. Lightly roughen the corners and edges of the shirt fabric with a little piece of sandpaper. Wash the garment multiple times in the washing machine to enable the cloth to fray even more.
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