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How To Make A Shirt Sleeveless?

What is the best way to cut a shirt such that it is sleeveless?

  • Sleeves are being removed from an otherwise normal shirt. Choose the shirt you want to turn sleeveless and cut the sleeves off. Turn your shirt inside out and put it flat on a table or other level surface to dry. Perpendicular to the seam, sew strips into the sleeves to create a pattern. Remove the strips that you created in the sleeves by cutting them off. If required, repair any rips or tears in the seams.

How do you finish a sleeveless armhole?

Finishing an armhole involves pressing in the edge along the seamline and sewing close to the fold. Remove any surplus fabric by trimming it close to the sewing line. Trimming can be accomplished using appliqué scissors. To finish it off, fold one more time and stitch it in place.

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