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How To Make A Sleeveless Shirt With Open Sides? (Best solution)

  • This is the quickest and most straightforward technique of creating a sleeveless shirt since it only involves two basic cuts. To begin cutting the shirt, measure up approximately six inches from the bottom of the garment. The shirt will be able to have a huge open side because of this. As a bonus, this will prevent you from cutting the side of the shirt fully open.

How do you turn a Tshirt into a vest?

The shirt may then be pulled right over your head at that point. If you wish to be able to close the vest, add buttons to one side of the garment. Sew as many buttons as you want on one side of the vest’s front edge to one side of the vest’s front edge. Afterwards, line up the opposite side of the vest so that you can cut a small slit into the vest for each button to fit through.

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