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How To Make A Vest Out Of A Shirt? (Best solution)

What is the best way to make a vest appear like a T-shirt?

  • Turn the inside out of a T-shirt and put it on. When it comes to T-shirts, any size would do, but an extra-large will work best if you want the vest to be airy and loose. In order to do this, turn your T-shirt inside out and put it flat on a work area.

How do you make a sweater vest?

Another alternative is to wear a cardigan over your sweater vest, creating a button-up sweater vest.

  1. Lay the arms down flat and chop them off. Pull the inside of your sweater out. Fold the edges of the paper over approximately an inch all the way around. Iron the fold down to make it flat. You may glue, hand stitch, or use a machine to stitch
  2. but, if you know me, glue is the way to go.
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