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How To Make T Shirt Dresses? (TOP 5 Tips)

How do you make a garment from the ground up?

  • The first step is to cut. You should pre-wash your fabric before beginning the cutting procedure. The second step is to create front pockets and plackets. Step 3: It’s time to sew the yoke and side seams. After you’ve finished hemming your shirt, move on to the next step: making the sleeves plackets. After you’ve finished making the sleeves plackets, move on to the next step: making the cuffs.

How do you make a simple T-shirt dress?


  1. Roll up your t-shirt and lay it on the fold of the cloth. The top of the pocket should be folded 1 inch down toward the incorrect side and pressed together. Place the pocket on top of the front dress pattern in the chosen area and pin it in place with the correct side facing up. Place the front and back of the dress right sides together, making sure all seams are aligned.

How do I figure out how many yards of fabric I need?

In order to determine how many rows you need, divide your total component count by the number of pieces that will fit within your desired width. The overall project in inches is equal to the number of required rows multiplied by the length of one component. The total project inches divided by 36 inches is the total yardage required for the project (rounded up to the whole number).

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