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How To Military Press A Shirt? (Best solution)

How do you conduct yourself in front of the military press?

  • When it comes to military press, the elbow position is essential, and it’s something that’s often misinterpreted, explains Eb. Start with your elbows out wide and in the same plane as your shoulders, rather than in the opposite plane. Rotate your elbows forward a few degrees to the side.

How do you military press a shirt?

How to Press a Shirt Using the Military Press

  1. Remove the buttons off the shirt and lay it on the ironing board. Spread the sleeves out longways on the ironing board so that the seams are flat against the surface of the board and press the sleeves, going carefully around the edges from armpit to cuff to generate creases directly at the seams.

Can you starch Ocps?

The OCP should not be starched or heated. Light ironing is permitted; but, frequent hot pressing or severe ironing can hasten the fabric’s general wear and tear…. “Females are permitted to wear the OCP in its masculine form.”

What is starch spray?

Spray starch is a well-known ironing solution that has been around for decades. The use of spray starch makes ironing faster and more smooth, allowing you to enjoy crisp collars and pleats that seem freshly ironed for a longer period of time. Apart from that, starching garments helps them to last longer since dirt and perspiration adhere to the starch rather than the fabric itself.

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