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How To Put Vinyl On Shirt With Cricut? (Best solution)

What is the best way to make a shirt using the Cricut Maker?

  • Make a shirt using the Cricut Maker by following these steps:

Can you use any shirt with Cricut vinyl?

There are a few different Cricut machines available on the market, and the good news is that all of the current versions of Cricut machines are capable of cutting iron-on vinyl for T-shirt designs. The Cricut Joy, a more compact machine, can cut images up to 4.5 inches wide and 12 inches long on a mat that is 12 inches in diameter.

What side of Cricut vinyl goes down?

When you’re cutting, the shiny side is on the bottom. The vinyl side should be facing up. Cut through the vinyl but not through the carrier sheet if you want to get the best results.

What do I need to make vinyl shirts with Cricut?


  1. Black T-shirt with long sleeves and black Babysuir (or whatever T-shirt you happen to have on hand)
  2. White Iron On or Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)
  3. Black Babysuir Any of the Cricut Explore Machines or the Cricut Maker are acceptable options. Regular Household Iron or EasyPress 2
  4. Weeding Tools
  5. Fine Point Blade & Light Grip Mat (Standard Mat works just as well)
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Do Cricut vinyl shirts last?

Iron-on vinyl, depending on the sort of heat transfer vinyl you use, can last as long as or longer than the t-shirt itself! Always remember to wash your clothing inside out and on the coldest setting possible. It’s possible that you’ll forget to do either and your project will only endure up to six washes. And never, ever put anything made with HTV in the dryer.

Where do I put my heat transfer on my shirt?

The design should be placed on the left side of the chest. Draw a visual line down from the seam where the right shoulder meets the neck opening on the shirt, as seen in the picture. At the same time, draw a visual line in from the right armpit seam to the left armpit seam. The pocket HTV design should be put at the point where these two lines come together.

Do you put shiny side down on vinyl?

Generally speaking, while cutting HTV, it is recommended that you position the vinyl shiny side down on your cutting mat. There are two layers to heat transfer vinyl: one that contains the vinyl layer and the other that contains the carrier sheet. When you receive them, they will be stuck together and nearly indistinguishable from one another. You wish to cut the vinyl surface on which the logo is printed.

Do you need a printer for Cricut?

No. To print, you’ll need to use a personal printer at home. Your Cricut will make the cut. The Cricut Machine does have the capacity to draw on its own material.

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What kind of vinyl do you use for shirts?

Heat Transfer Vinyl, often known as HTV, is a kind of vinyl that is used to create fabric-based crafts such as T-shirts, onesies, bags, pillow cases, and other items. HTV may be used on almost any material and can even be applied to card stock to create gorgeous paper crafts and spectacular holiday or event cards for special occasions.

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