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How To Sew A Hole In A Shirt With Needle And Thread?

What is the proper way to thread a sewing machine needle?

  • Prepare the needle by threading it through the eye of the needle. For medium- to heavy-weight textiles, make a loop and tie both ends together. When working with thin, fragile textiles, make one end of the thread shorter and just knot one end of the thread. To use the needle, start at one edge of the hole, then move beneath and across to the opposite side of the hole.

How do you sew a hole?

Place the patching fabric under the hole with the correct side facing outward. Once you’ve done that, try to get the borders of the hole as close together as possible without puckering it. Using a short zig zag stitch on your sewing machine, stitch around the edges of the hole, collecting as much fabric (both the patch and the garment) as possible to ensure that the patch stays in place.

How do you fix a hole in a jersey?


  1. Invert the jersey knit fabric so that it is on the inside. Thread a needle with thread that is the same color as the fabric being worked on. Make a cross-hatch stitch across the opening and gently draw it closed. Continue to stitch the fabric together to close the hole.
  2. Finish by tying off the knot and trimming any extra thread.

How do you finish a needle and thread?

1: With one hand, hold the needle near to the cloth and the other, the thread close to the fabric. Insert the needle so that it is near to the thread. 2: Twice counterclockwise around the needle, wrap the thread around the needle. Maintaining tension on the thread while working near to or on top of the cloth will prevent the loops around the needle from unraveling.

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How do you fix a big hole in a shirt without sewing?

To prevent the iron from sticking to the hole and fusing web, place a piece of wax paper over them. Step 4: For approximately 10 seconds, press the iron on the hole and fusing web. That’s all there is to it! This is an extremely simple and effective method of patching minor holes without the need to dig out your sewing tools.

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