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How To Sew A Pocket On At Shirt? (Perfect answer)

What is the best way to attach a pocket to a T-shirt?

  • Edge stitch the pocket into place once it has been pinned to the garment. Using pins, sew the pocket to the inside of your clothing after you’ve ironed the side and bottom seams. Sew the pocket in place using an edge stitch that is approximately 1/8 inch (0.32 cm) from the folded edge of the fabric.

Are patch pockets in style?

Patch pockets, as well as a number of other unstructured and Neapolitan-inspired items, have grown popular in the last two decades. In another ten years, this may be different. Indeed, jetted pockets are becoming more frequent in suits these days – probably as a result of the fact that suits are increasingly being purchased for evening wear or for dressing up in other ways.

How do you make a patch pocket step by step?


  1. Draft and cut out your pocket according to the illustration.
  2. Fold the top of your pocket down on your 1 14″ mark line (right side to right side)
  3. Sew a 14-inch seam on both pocket sides and sew the turned-up pocket corners as shown. Snip the pocket corners from both sides.

How do you reinforce a pocket?

Bar tack is a kind of tack. The bar tack is the most widely used way of strengthening the edge of a pocket. Set your sewing machine to a zigzag stitch with a length of 0.2mm and a width of 3-3.5mm for the best results when sewing a bar tack. To secure the piece, stitch a short row to hold it in place, then backstitch one or two times over the entire row to hold it in place.

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How do you sew a pocket on fabric?


  1. Make two pocket pieces out of the fabric. Cut out two pocket pieces from your pocket fabric by folding it in half and cutting along the lines of your template. Pinning Your Pockets.
  2. Beginning Stitching.
  3. Turn Your Pockets Out.
  4. Pin and Sew the Side Seams.
  5. Press and Flip.
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