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How To Tie Up T Shirt Sleeves With Ribbon?

How do you extend the sleeves of a T-shirt?

  • Insert the cut sleeve section into the sleeve of the t-shirt that you wish to extend and secure with a safety pin to hold it in place. Before you begin to pin, be sure that the vertical seams are aligned. After you’ve pinned the sleeves together, you may begin sewing them together. Keep up with the topstitching in the t-shirt sleeves to keep them looking regular, and use the same color of thread as the t-shirt to keep everything looking cohesive.

Why do people roll up shirt sleeves?

The act of rolling up your shirt sleeves is a terrific method to keep cool when it’s hot outside or to give your clothing a more relaxed, carefree feel. Rolling up T-shirt or sweater sleeves is also an option, but you may need to fasten them to prevent them from sliding down your arms throughout the day.

Is it bad to roll up sleeves?

When you’re wearing a dress shirt, there’s no reason to pull your sleeves up to your biceps unless you’re doing anything that requires you to get your hands dirty. (Sorry, Kit Harington, but carrying a microphone does not qualify.)

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