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What Is The Yoke Of A Shirt? (Solved)

  • When worn on the back of the shirt, the yoke consists of a panel or panels of fabric that are either immediately below the neck and above the shoulder blades on the back of the shirt or at the upper chest on the front. The yoke, similar to the one on a pair of trousers, gives the shirt its form. In other instances, it serves as a decorative element.

How do you measure the yoke of a shirt?

When measuring the yoke, start at the outer seam where the yoke joins the sleeve and work your way across the tops of your shoulders (behind the collar) and down the other side. The yoke should be able to be worn comfortably on the “outside edge” of the shoulders without being too tight.

What is a yoke in fashion?

An animal’s or a person’s yoke is the frame or bar that is attached to them to assist disperse and bear their weight equally. They may also be a frame or pattern that is fitted at the shoulders or the waist in order to draw attention to the construction of a piece of clothing.

What is a yoke size?

The yoke, in its most basic definition, is the distance between each shoulder. It is the seam from which each sleeve is formed.

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What is a shirt yoke width?

The shirt shoulder width, also known as the yoke width, may be measured by placing a buttoned-up shirt flat on the floor and measuring on the back, from the place where the yoke meets the sleeve, straight over to the same position on the other side of the shirt.

How is yoke depth measured?

DEEPNESS OF THE YOKE Measure diagonally from neck to underarm — that is, running your measuring tape from wherever the top of your raglan seam will touch you down to your underarm — then take the lower measurement from about an inch or two below your actual underarm to get the final measurement.

What is the yoke of a sweater?

Yak-neck sweaters are circular sweaters that are normally knit top-down (but may alternatively be knit from the bottom-up). They are sometimes decorated with a geometrical design around the neck, which is called a yoke sweater. Karen Templer’s post on round-yoke sweaters is also worth reading if you want to learn more about how they’re made from the ground up.

What are the types of yoke?

Yoke is a simple round shape.

  • A simple round yoke. A full round yoke. A straight yoke. A square yoke design. A pentagonal yoke pattern.

What athletes are on yoke?

YOKE Gaming allows athletes to compete in video games one-on-one or in groups with other athletes and fans. The following Auburn Football players have formed a deal with YOKE Gaming:

  • Video games are played one-on-one or in groups with fans by athletes through the use of YOKE Gaming. A cooperation with YOKE Gaming has resulted in the following Auburn Football players:
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What is a 1350 U joint?

Heavy Duty 1350 U Joint with no cross-drilled holes The purpose of the thrust washers in each bearing cap is to avoid metal-on-metal contact, hence reducing wear and lowering the total operating temperature. It is a non-greasable design that is pre-lubricated with synthetic grease at the manufacture, resulting in great friction reduction.

How many types of yokes are there?

Despite the fact that all three forms of yoke are successful, each has its own set of pros and limitations.

Do shirts need a yoke?

To put it simply, the yoke is a piece of cloth that is sewn over the shoulder and upper back of a man’s shirt. It also enables for the fabric at the shoulder to rest comfortably beneath a suit jacket, therefore relocating the seam from the top of his shoulder.

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