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What Size Should An Image Be For A Shirt? (Perfect answer)


Shirt Size Standard Width Suggested Design Width
Small 18 inches 9.5-10.5 inches
Medium 20 inches 10-11 inches
Large 22 inches 10.5-11.5 inches
X-Large 24 inches 11-12 inches


  • 1″ to 4″ wide is the recommended imprint size. THE FRONT IS SMALL Suggested imprint size ranges from 5″ to 7.0″ in width. The maximum imprint size is 15.0 inches wide. GET YOUR MONEY BACK 8.0″ to 13.0″ in width is the recommended imprint size. Maximum Imprint Size: 15.0″ Wide x 15.0″ High RIGHT/LEFT SHOULDER SHORT/LONG SLEEVE RIGHT/LEFT SHOULDER SHORT/LONG SLEEVE Size of suggested imprint: 2.0″ to 4.0″ wide. The maximum imprint size is 5.5 inches wide.

What size should a picture be on a shirt?

The best size for a graphic on a long sleeve t-shirt is anywhere between 2.5″ x 14″ and 3.5″ x 15,” according to the manufacturer. The design should be started at a finger’s length below the shoulder and should avoid contacting the wrist area if possible.

What size should a logo be for a shirt?

When it comes to t-shirts for employees, event personnel, or anything else, the classic and go-to spot for your logo is the back of the neck. The size is appropriate; it’s normally 3″ to 4″ broad and about 3′′ down from the collar when worn. The placement may be adjusted to coincide with the size of the garment, ensuring that it always seems to be correct. 4

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What canvas size should I use for T-shirt design?

As you begin to draw up t-shirt design ideas, make certain that they will convert to the real size of the shirt. Create your ideas on an 18″x18″ canvas and then physically place them on a tee-shirt to show off.

How big should a decal on a shirt be?

For anything XL or larger, you’ll want to take the shirt’s measurements and scale the design to fit the shirt’s measurements. Pocket decals should be around 4″ by 4″ in size, and sleeve graphics should be approximately 2″ x 11″.

How Big Should design be on back of shirt?

Full back designs on adult t-shirts typically measure 12 inches wide by 13.5 inches tall, with the largest feasible design reaching 14 inches wide by 17 inches tall. Please consider the clothing’ measurements, as not all will fit into the biggest design sizing.

How big should a chest logo be on a shirt?

For the most part, a reasonable size for a chest print is between 3 and 4 inches across in width. If you fold the broad end of the piece of paper in half again, you will obtain a 4.25″ space, which will give you an excellent visual representation of how large your 4″ graphic may be.

How big should a logo be on a polo shirt?

It’s a timeless and classy approach to communicate your company’s logo to the rest of the globe. It is advised that this logo be no more than 4″ by 5″ in size, however many are much lower than that size.

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Where should a logo go on a shirt?

Since the majority of logos are placed on the left chest of the person, a name or a name patch might be placed on the right side of the people chest. A vertical center line is drawn on the inner edge of the collar to help with alignment of the logo or design on the shirt. The bottom of the logo is usually no lower than the bottom of the placket of the polo shirt, unless otherwise specified.

What is the best resolution for t-shirt design?

Print image resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch) for print pictures, while digital image resolution is measured in PPI (pixels per inch) for digital images. Image resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch) for print images and PPI (pixels per inch) for digital images. With a lesser resolution, a picture will appear blurrier than with a higher resolution. T-shirt printing requires a minimum resolution of 300ppi, with a maximum resolution of 600ppi.

What size Photoshop for Tshirt?

As a general rule of thumb for T-shirt designs, start with 14 inches for the width and 17 for the height when creating a new design (you can always adjust this later). Change your screen resolution to 300 pixels. When it comes to printing a logo, resolution is critical since it will have a big impact on how the logo will seem when it is printed.

What file format is best for screen printing?

When sending artwork, an AI (Adobe Indesign) file or a high-resolution PSD file are the recommended formats to use for transmission. This implies that your resolution should be 300 dots per inch (DPI). If you are unable to deliver your artwork as an AI or high-resolution PDF, the next best option is to send it as a vector PDF or as a high-resolution PNG or JPEG image instead.

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